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Lista de servidores Minecraft

Rango Nombre Servidor Jugadores Estado
76 Minemora Network


El servidor es tanto premium como no-premium, si eres premium no necesitas hacer login, y si eres no premium, debes usar el comando /login, ademas si eres no-premium no puedes usar un nombre que exista como premium.

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77 Mineplex


Welcome to one of the largest Minecraft Server in the world. We offer 40+ games at Mineplex, including old favorites and the best new games that you will love!

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78 Mineplex Clans


Team up with your friends and build your own epic base in this Factions meets Champions game mode! Defend your base from would-be raiders and launch epic sieges on your worst enemies!

2319/2320 Online
79 Minewool


Servidor 1.8.X/1.12, NO PREMIUM. Las mejores modalidades y mapas exclusivos en cada una de ellas. El server esta hosteado en un servicio de alto rendimiento , para brindar una excelente experiencia de juego libre de LAG. NUEVO SKYBLOCK

114/2020 Online
80 MomentoNetwork


We've been around for almost 5 years and offer popular gamemodes such as: OP Prison, Skyblock, Factions and Towny!

375/1000 Online
81 Mooncraft Network


Skyblock 1.8- Skyblock 1.14.4- Skywars- Creativo- Survival 1.8- Survival 1.14.4- Creativo-MoonWorld- Dungeon- Factions- Muncho Mas..-

606/900 Online
82 MultyPlay Official Server


MultyPlay este o comunitate de minecraft din Romania

36/700 Online
83 MunchyMC


MunchyMC is one of the best Minecraft servers around. Hop on munchymc.com to have some fun with friends and make some new friends! We have Maze Runner, Mini games and more!

411/10000 Online
84 MuxMC


Hey jij daar zin om je Eigen Kingdom te runnen Kom zeker langs wij zoeken Actieve Koningen. Het is een Custom plugins / wands met veel spelers.

11/-1 Online
85 Mythcraft


Mythcraft is an innovative Minecraft network that strives to stay on the latest version of Minecraft. We are currently running on 1.15 and actively support the latest Minecraft features that are provided in the version.

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87 Newwind


The vanilla Minecraft experience with a focus on PVP and tons of new items and features. We have no admins nor do we have any rules except that you don't hack or exploit.

77/-1 Online
88 NoobLine


141/5000 Online
89 OPBlocks


OPBlocks is a high-quality Minecraft Prison and Skyblock server featuring unique content and an amazing community.

111/1000 Online
90 OPBlocks


OPBlocks is a high-quality Minecraft Prison and Skyblock server featuring unique content and an amazing community.

111/1000 Online
91 OmegaCraft


Bienvenido al servidor numero 1 de Latino América y de Habla Hispana. Ofrecemos diferentes modalidades de juegos para todos los gustos en Omegacraft !!!

9849/12000 Online
92 Performium


Performium is a server ran by RGAMinecraft and DoniBobes. It has multiple servers including factions, SMP, skyblock, creative, and tons of minigames! Minigames include spleef, tnt run, sky battles, hunger games, and more.

685/1999 Online
93 PhanaticMC


Thank you for being interested in the PhanaticMC Network! There are many fun things for you to do here, so connect to play.phanaticmc.com and check us out!

95/100 Online
94 PokeDash


We're running Pixelmon Reforged v7.2.0

39/100 Online
95 PokeFind


Join thousands of Trainers on our New Server, PokeFind!

600/3000 Online
96 Pokecentral


Pokecentral is a Pixelmon server that offers a variety of fun things to do. From quests, to weekly events, to survival Minecraft, we do our best to implement features that everyone will enjoy!

394/1000 Online
97 Pokeverse


We're running Pixelmon Reforged v7.2.0

62/100 Online
98 PopularMMOs World


YouTuber PopularMMOss official Minecraft server Join now to enter into a world is based on PopularMMOs famous serieses and also Pokemon.

329/3000 Online
99 PotterworldMC


We are proudly a family friendly server :)

158/2000 Online
100 Prime Network


Prime is the #1 Minecraft Network since 2015. We are community-driven, and provide high-quality gamemodes with frequent updates.

133/2020 Online