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BrokenLens Games
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Welcome to BrokenLens Network
On BrokenLens you will find:

- SkyWars: You will be battling your opponents in an epic sky battle to be the last person alive!

- SurvivalGames / TeamSuvivalGames: Loot chests, find excellent items, kill your opponents and win the game!

- OneInTheChamber: A PvP Free-For-All minigame based on the popular COD game series!

- TNTTag: Its like normal tag, but if the countdown goes off and youre it, you explode!

- TeamSkyWars: Battle in the sky with a team mate that will help you win the game!

- HideAndSeek: Hide from the seekers and dont get caught! If you die, you become a seeker and must find your opponents.

- BowSpleef: Kill your opponent by removing the ground underneath them with a bow, but make sure it doesnt happen to you!

- TNTRun: RUN! The floor underneath you disappears as soon as you walk over it! Be careful not to fall!

- BlockParty: What is the next color? Where do you go? Be the fastest player to win!

- QuakeCraft / TeamQuakeCraft: Gib your opponents with your powerful guns! First to 25 kills, wins!

- TheBestBuilder / TeamBuildBattles: Create a build based on a theme, then vote on your most favorite build to win!

- MicroBattles: You and your teammates will fight 3 other teams to win the ma