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Cube Craft Games
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IP play.cubecraftgames.net
Sitio web https://www.cubecraft.net/
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País United Kingdom

Cube Craft is one of the largest servers in the world, we are currently growing at an insane rate, however we are welcoming ever new player to the network! Every single one of them is a CubeCrafter. We are always trying to release new games and the latests features, whilst still maintaining a high standard of current games.
We have a large staff team, consisting on builders, developers, server administrators, administrators and moderators. Over the past year we have also gathered a team of YouTubers, who regularly play on the server. If ever you want to come an say Hi, feel free to drop in!

Rubik and Halo - server owners

Full list of games:
- SkyWars
- Team SkyWars
- Survival Games
- UltraHardcore
- Spleef, Splegg, Bow Spleef, Pizza Spleef
- TNTRun
- Super craft bros
- Paintball
- Hide and seek
- Quake Craft
- Parkour Minigame
- SkyBlock, Creative and Factions
Plugins installed on server: Custom coded!